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Google Cloud is one of the most popular cloud options available today, with millions of users around the world. Knowing how to manage and administer Google Cloud environments is becoming increasingly important as cloud deployments become more popular and more businesses turn to the cloud for crucial activities. Learning in-demand skills, such as Google Cloud, is a wonderful approach to demonstrating your competence in a specific subject area.

This list of the Top 7 Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Courses available online for 2023 was compiled by a group of experts. It includes resources to assist you in learning new Google Cloud Platform technologies. These courses, which include official Google Cloud Training programs, are appropriate for beginners, intermediate learners, and experts alike.

Top 7 Best Google Cloud Platform Courses

Top Google Cloud Platform Courses and Certifications To Become Cloud Developer

1. Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Engineer Professional Certificate (Coursera)

This is one of the top Coursera courses for learning Google Cloud Platform concepts available online, and learners have given it near-perfect ratings for learning. One advantage is that you don't need to know anything to begin this course; in fact, you can begin right now.

This is the course for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of Google Cloud and cloud computing. This program will give you the skills you need to advance your career in cloud architecture, as well as a path to earning the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification, which is widely recognized in the industry. You'll explore and deploy solution elements, including infrastructure components such as systems, networks, and applications services, through a combination of presentations, recordings, and labs; and you'll gain real-world experience through a number of hands-on Qwiklabs projects that you can share with prospective employers.

You'll also get hands-on experience with key job skills like setting up a cloud environment and configuring and deploying a cloud solution. This Google cloud certification program will also include sample questions comparable to those on the exam, as well as solutions and practice exam quizzes that imitate the exam-taking experience for people seeking certification.

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals and Network Architecture
  • Learn the abilities you'll need to succeed as a cloud developer.
  • Learn how to use the Google Cloud Console and Cloud Shell to interface with Google Cloud.
  • Google App Engine (GAE)
  • Learn more about Google Cloud Platform's infrastructure and platform services.
  • Make sure you're ready for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.


Here is the link to join this Google Cloud Certification course:

The course level is intermediate level and suitable for both novice and experienced learners. The course duration is 4 months.

The prerequisite to join this course is experience with IP networking, virtual machines, and Web servers are desirable for this certificate program, as is 6 months of hands-on experience with GCP.


2. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Fundamentals for Beginners (Udemy)

This is yet another good Udemy specialization for anyone interested in learning Google Cloud foundations.

Udemy offers this specialization, making it a kind of official resource for learning Google Cloud Platform Essentials. The goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of GCP. This course presents the main principles and then shows you how to start being productive, starting with the core building elements like compute, networking, and storage and progressing to advanced services. A hands-on demonstration of one of the core services is included in each segment. You'll also learn about use cases and scenarios for some of Google Cloud's most important services.

Key Highlights of the course:

  • Take the first step toward GCP compliance.
  • Identify the most important GCP services.
  • Discover the GCP building blocks.
  • Define the essential GCP services' perceived value.
  • Apply identity and access management ideas to protect GCP projects.
  • Discover how to use Google Cloud Platform's compute, storage, and networking services.
  • Select the appropriate Google Cloud Platform service for your use case and business environment.


Here is the link to join this online Google Cloud Platform course training

The course level is beginner level.

The course duration includes 4 hours of on-demand video and 97 downloadable resources.

The prerequisite to join this course is a basic understanding of the OS concepts, and appreciation of concepts such as REST APIs, Virtualization, and NoSQL databases


3. Google Cloud Training | GCP Online Certification Course (MindMajix)

In today's environment, the importance of cloud platforms and services cannot be overstated, and previous knowledge in this industry is invaluable. As a result, if you want to obtain a sense of how the Google cloud platform's services and components work, this course is a good place to start.

You'll learn about Google Cloud's IAM, Security services, Network services, Computing  Cloud APIs, & migration to Google Cloud throughout the course of 25 hours of Google Cloud training. The Google Cloud Platform Architect Training's flexible schedules allow you to keep your career while mastering in-depth Google Cloud concepts.

Not only that, but the sessions also include advice on how to improve financial and time efficiency. This is a short and sweet Google Cloud Platform course with over 1000 students.

Through this course, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Understand the basics and terminologies of the Google Cloud platform.
  • Use Google's cloud architecture.
  • Google Cloud solutions are managed and provisioned.
  • Learn about GCP's Machine Learning services.
  • Work with the GCP services Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, and Big Query.
  • Create and implement Google Cloud solutions.
  • Create a cloud solution architecture and design it out.
  • Using the app, CLI, and console, you can manage GCP services.


Here is the link to join this online Google Cloud Training course:

The duration of the course is 25 Hrs of hands-on sessions.

The prerequisite to go for this training program is that candidates should have a fundamental understanding of Google cloud architecture and how it operates.


4. Introduction to Google Cloud (Pluralsight)

This is one of the best Google Cloud Platform (GCP) introduction courses for programmers and architects interested in moving to the Google cloud. Lynn Langit, a Google Developer Expert, introduces you to Google Cloud technologies and gives you an introduction of what you can do with Google Cloud in this course.

Lynn Langit walks you through Google's Cloud technologies in this course. This training will get you up to speed on the terminology and technology you'll need. By the end of the course, you'll have a better understanding of what Google has to offer in the infrastructure and platform as a service cloud arenas, as well as how to develop a strategy for incorporating Google cloud services like Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, and others into your organization. No prior knowledge of Google Cloud is required, although a lot will be taught. This course is designed for developers and corporate decision-makers, but it may also be used by executives. It includes a GAE example that uses Eclipse to say "Hello World" (Java).

Key skills you’ll learn through the course:

  • Introduction to Google Cloud Services
  • Building your first GAE project with Java
  • Configuring Eclipse
  • Working with the consoles.


Here is the link to join this Google Cloud course training


5. Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Are you eager to advance your Google Cloud networking career? The Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer course will help you prepare for the certification test so you can show that you can manage and implement network designs on the Google Cloud Platform.

As cloud technology advances, it's more important than ever for networking professionals to understand how to design, build, and maintain cloud networks, especially because it necessitates a different structure and attitude than traditional on-premises networking. This training program will assist you in obtaining the in-demand Google Cloud Network Engineer certification, which will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge.

This course will teach you all you need to know about the topics contained on the exam blueprint, including:

  • Google's Global Network
  • Load Balancing is a term used to describe the process of balancing
  • Cloud Computing in a Virtual Private Environment
  • GKE Networking is a company that provides networking services.
  • Hybrid Networking
  • GCP Monitoring and Logging
  • IAM positions in organisations
  • Cost and performance optimization.


Here is the link to join the Google Certified Cloud Network Engineer course

The Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer credential is for students who have worked with the Google Cloud Platform for at least a year. You'll need some fundamental enterprise-level network design experience as well as a working knowledge of Cloud Shell. To participate in labs, students will need a Google Cloud Console account as well as a GitHub account to access code snippets and scripts. There is no requirement for prior coding experience, however, you will be coding throughout the course.

The course comprises 57 Lessons, 5 Hands-On Labs, 7 Course Quizzes, and 1 Practice Exam.


6. GCP Associate Cloud Engineer - Google Cloud Certification (Udemy)

This Udemy's google cloud platform course is one of the best online courses for Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) certification preparation. It is a thorough course that provides an efficient introduction to everything that GCP has to offer, allowing even those with no prior GCP knowledge to have access to Google Cloud. It effectively teaches the abilities required for the ACE certification, such as application deployment, operations monitoring, and enterprise solution management.

What you'll learn in this program:

  • Begin your path to becoming a Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer.
  • Learn how to build secure and dependable applications on the Google Cloud Platform using best practises.
  • Learn how to build and deploy secure and reliable apps on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Get hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform's compute, networking, storage, and database services.


Here is the link to join this online Google Cloud Certification training

This course includes 17 hours of on-demand video, 22 articles, and Full lifetime access.


7. Google Cloud Platform Essential Training for Administrators (LinkedIn Learning)

Is Google Cloud Platform (GCP) the suitable platform for your company? Take a look at what this renowned cloud services provider has to offer. This course is intended for IT professionals—architects, network administrators, and technology stakeholders—who are accessing Google Cloud Platform for their businesses, as well as those who are responsible for getting apps up and running on the Google cloud platform. Learn how to utilize the console, APIs, Cloud Shell, and other GCP tools, as well as how to create an account. Then look at Google's fundamental services, such as serverless computing, data storage, and machine learning, as well as the developer tools for creating your own custom solutions. Along the process, lecturer Lynn Langit demonstrates how to manage virtual machines using the Google Cloud Platform.

Key Highlights:

  • The course walks you through the fundamentals of this important training.
  • Exercises are available for both online and offline practise.
  • The lectures give a thorough description of how to get up and running with the cloud platform.
  • The ‘view offline' option allows you to attend lessons while not connected to the internet.


Here is the link to join the Google Cloud Platform online training

The course is intermediate level.



That's all to know about the best Google Cloud Platform (GCP) courses in 2022. Google Cloud is the world's fastest-growing cloud service. I hope you found these courses helpful in learning about new technology and putting it into practice. To gain a deeper understanding, we urge that you personally visit each course.

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