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SIEM, with an approximated value of $5.93 by 2023, plays a crucial role in the entire digital world. To keep your business operations safe, you have to choose the right tool from the popular SIEM tools list which will serve this purpose. These tools provide you with greater insight into your business. Here are the top 10 SIEM tools which might meet your expectations.

What is SIEM?

SIEM is a package of tools that lets you have an integral view of the information system of your organization. It plays a significant role in any business organization by alerting the admin of any safety threats. SIEM combines security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM) to function effectively. The former makes records of log files inspected for any security threats. At the same time, the latter monitors the system on the fly and informs essential issues to the network admins, and bridges the security events as well.

List of Top 10 Best SIEM Tools in 2023

Here is the list of the 10 best SIEM tools to be considered in 2023:

1. SolarWinds SIEM Security and Monitoring

SolarWinds can come up with solutions to the problems of threat detection. It does this with the Log and Event Manager for the on-premises network. The log and event manager possesses features to filter log, handle node, forward log, and control events. It comes with increased space for storage. SolarWinds is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris. You could avail of it for a one-time fee of $4665 if you liked this tool in its 30 days free trial. It may not possess the complete package of safety, but the tool is good enough for SMEs for its ability to offer excellent features and detect threats. Large businesses can use it as well.


  • It can execute high-edge searches and forensic investigations.
  • Ability to detect any suspicion with the event-time and thus quicker discovery of threats.
  • It can support HIPAA, DSS, PCI, SOX, STIG, DISA, etc. as it can readily adhere to governmental laws.
  • It provides uninterrupted security. 

2. Splunk Enterprise SIEM

Splunk is suitable for both large businesses and SMEs. It provides dashboards that can be customized—other features like resource analyst, statistical analyst, and event audit. Splunk also does classification and investigation. It focuses on offering security to the public, financial, and health sectors. The trial period varies for different products of Splunk. You can request a quote for the product you like. The term license costs $2000 per year, or there is an option of enterprise license that costs $6000 for 500MB. Splunk is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris.


  • You can deploy Splunk on SaaS or on-premises.
  • Capable of automatically responding quickly and accurately.
  • Can sequence events.
  • Can quickly detect threats.

3. McAfee ESM

If you are looking to get instant information about the administration, networks, data archive, and applications, McAfee ESM is the right choice. McAfee Investigator, Enterprise Log Manager, Advanced Correlation Engine, Event Receiver, Application Data Monitor, Global threat intelligence for Enterprise Security Manager, and Enterprise Log Search are some of the products of McAfee ESM. To avail of the tool, you can request a quote. It is compatible with Mac and Windows OS and is suitable for SMEs and large businesses.


  • It sends alerts depending on the priorities.
  • Can identify threats by its analytics and high-edge context.
  • Possesses a broad, diverse security buildup that can monitor and inspect data.
  • Allows integration is two-way with open interfaces.

4. Micro Focus ArcSight

With ArcSight, you can have a cluster view as well as view the data with distributed correlation. You can deploy the tool in an appliance, software, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. The tool is compatible with over 500 types of devices to inspect the data. The price of the tool varies depending on the amount of data you feed and the safety events matched with each other per second. ArcSight, suited for SMEs and large businesses, is compatible with Windows only.


  • Combines SIEM linking drive and scattered collection technology to let the users have a distributed correlation view.
  • Can fuse with machine learning and AI platforms.
  • Can utilize agents and connectors. It backs up over 300 connectors.

5. IBM Security QRadar

With core capabilities, IBM Security QRadar is best suitable for mediocre and huge businesses. The high-edge analyzing and monitoring tool that is based on the user is capable of identifying hacking, worker threats, data removal, and viruses. With user behavior analytics, insider threats are notified. It backs up IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers. The tool is available for two weeks of trial, and then you can request a quote to know about the pricing. The price range usually starts at $800.


  • Instantaneous observation and presentation of network happenings.
  • Ability to analyze the hosts’ communication events.
  • Both default and custom reports are usable.
  • The origin of network issues is found by offensive investigation.

6. LogRhythm

LogRhythm comes as a solution to face shattered plans, alarm weariness, split up threat identification, absence of automation, inability to understand maturity, and lack of centralized view. The tool is suitable for medium businesses, and it has varied storage options. You can request for a quote to get the price, but usually, the starting rate is $28000.


  • Ability to operate on data that is not structured to provide a standard view.
  • It works fine on OS like Windows and Linux.
  • Based on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Compatible on many types of logs and devices.

7. AlienVault USM

If you are looking for a tool that possesses features for discovering assets, assess vulnerability, identify any trespassing, match up events, notice compliance, handle logs, notify by email, etc., all packed together, AlienVault is the best choice. With light sensors and endpoint agents, AlienVault does its security services. You can deploy the tool on the cloud and on the premises. There are three plans with the monthly cost as, 

  • Essentials worth $1075
  • Standard worth $1695  
  • Premium worth $2595.

Small businesses can choose the essentials to plan while the other two plans are suitable for IT security teams.


  • Deployed in cloud space for its ability to discover assets automatically.
  • Constant monitoring of the endpoints for any safety issues.
  • Vulnerability detection.
  • It identifies problems with AWS configuration.
  • Deploy faster.
  • Smart and automated workers for hunting threats.

8. RSA Netwitness

RSA NetWitness Endpoint, RSA NetWitness Logs, RSA NetWitness Network, RSA NetWitness UEBA, and Orchestrator are the data sources used by this platform to be suitable enough for mediocre and huge businesses. It can provide ultimate responses by combining with the events that had happened and discover the possibility of any threats, thus eliminating the risk of the warnings on the business earlier. The firm usually provides a quote on request, but the price starts from $857.


  • A real-time performance that makes the security data functional.
  • Automated threat detection using expertise algorithms.
  • It can handle incidents.
  • Flexible usage.

9. EventTracker

EventTracker is capable of handling SIEM & Log, identifying and responding to threats, estimating vulnerability, examining the actions of the user, arrange and automating security and compliance. The platform, keeping the workflows automated, has dashboards that can be customized. Both on-cloud and on-premises deployment are possible. EventTracker comes in handy for all types of businesses.


  • It gives real-time notifications based on rules.
  • Carries out instantaneous operation and matches the events to examine the actions.
  • In-built 1500 preset security and reports of compliance.
  • It allows a quick, flexible search.
  • Pre-arrangement of cautions for safety.

10. Securonix

Securonix allows the users to gather data, uncover threats in advance and solve the issue. It is a scalable platform that is Hadoop- based. With Securonix, you can extract standard data from the visualized data. It analyses actions, and with machine learning, it can detect threats in advance.


  • AI-based response.
  • Arranges security and automatically respond using Securonix Response Bot.


The article gives you a brief insight into the top 10 SIEM tools that are of utmost benefit. It does not matter if you are just an amateur or an expert. When it comes to having a business, security is a significant concern. You cannot afford to put your safety to death for money. So make the right choice of tool and carry on with your business without fear.

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