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Our team of experts has done a lot of research and listened to hours of video to come up with this list of the 5 Best Snowflake Training & Courses Online for 2023.

Best Snowflake Training and Courses - Table of Contents

5 Best Snowflake Courses and Online Training 2023

Snowflake is one of the best data cloud data warehouse solutions available today. As a market leader, it allows you to easily and securely access, integrate, and analyze data. Snowflake is one kind of platform with a revolutionary architecture for unlimited data opportunities.

For the ones who are looking to grow their data warehousing skills and searching for the best training resources online, it might be a challenge to figure out which are the best training providers for you or your team.

To save your time, we’ve researched the best Snowflake training resources and compiled them in the below order. These resources have both paid and free content to assist you in learning Snowflake from scratch and suitable for all levels of learners. Many of our readers have benefited from our compilation. We also provided related links to each course on each platform that are worth exploring as well.

Whether you’re implementing Snowflake for the first time or looking for customized training, this list will help you determine the best training option for you or your team.

1. Snowflake Training Online Course by (MindMajix)

Mindmajix is one of the great platforms to learn Snowflake. This training program helps learners of how to apply concepts in real-time. Industry experts have designed this program to help you understand the Snowflake data warehouse concepts in a better way. During this four-week program, you’ll master the concepts related to data and analytics, snowflake objects, cloning, clustering, performance techniques, and more. Lastly, you’ll work on various industry-based projects and use cases. Mindmajix trainers help you learn the latest in Snowflake to enhance your skills.

Mindmajix's Snowflake Training


The key highlights of this training program are:

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Snowflake and gain the real-time experience needed to work with the platform.
  • Gain detailed knowledge of Data Loading/Unloading in Snowflake
  • Get a detailed overview of Snowpipe
  • Learn how to share data securely
  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Snowflake and gain the real-time experience needed to work with the platform.
  • Gain detailed knowledge of Data Loading/Unloading in Snowflake
  • Get a detailed overview of Snowpipe
  • Learn how to share data securely.

Course Duration: 25 Hrs Live Instructor-led Training.

Pricing: Cost varies depending on the learning mode you choose (Self-paced/live instructor-led).

Review: The Snowflake course was highly interactive and also real-time practical oriented. The support staff was cordial and cooperative. The trainer was very patient and able to solve or give some hints to solve all the questions posed to him.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5


2. Snowflake Training and Certification (Tekslate)

Through this training program in Snowflake, you’ll learn how to use Snowflake in data warehousing and data analytics. The trainers are industry practitioners and help you understand how to work with Snowflake, guide you in warehouse solutions, and enhance your skills through real-time projects. In addition to formal classes, Tekslate offers customized learning modules depending on the user’s needs. These cover the different features and applications of Snowflake.

Tekslate's Snowflake Training


The key highlights of this training program are:

  • This Snowflake course content is curated by subject matter experts to provide industry-relevant knowledge.
  • Learn all features and capabilities of Snowflake.
  • The training classes contain tips and techniques, along with assessments and projects.
  • You get 40 hrs of live classes.

Course Duration: You get 40 hrs of live classes.

Pricing: Cost varies depending on the learning mode you choose.

Review: Best online platform to get a comprehensive Snowflake course as per current industry demands - must enroll for this. The tutor has taught the concepts so well that even beginners can easily understand them. I really appreciate and recommend everyone to take this online Snowflake course.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


3. Snowflake Education Services

Some of the best Snowflake training resources come from the company itself. Snowflake Education Services offers self-directed learning, instructor-led classes, and on-demand courses, and to help you and your team to excel. If you’re a beginner or looking to drive advanced data projects, Snowflake Education Services has a course to get started.

Official Snowflake Training

  • Self-directed content

Self-paced learning is a practical option for rapidly growing or distributed teams. Since they don’t require a trainer, these types of courses are often more flexible and affordable than other training alternatives. All the self-paced courses are totally free for learners.

  • Instructor-led training

Instructor-led classes are often more expensive than self-paced learning and require more coordination and scheduling from your team. However, they do offer some special benefits. You’ll be learning from the experts with instructor-led Snowflake training, and will be able to ask follow-up questions to fully understand the concepts. Some of the instructor-led courses from Snowflake include fundamentals, advanced, persona-based, custom-training, performance automation, and tuning.

The duration of these courses ranges from 2-4 days.

  • On-demand training 

Snowflake delivers some on-demand courses, namely data warehousing workshops, data sharing, and marketplace workshops, data application builders workshops, etc. The courses range from free to $375.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5


4. Data Cloud Academy (Hosted by Snowflake)

If you want to gain practitioner-level skills with Snowflake, then this program can help you. Data Cloud Academy provides the best training with 4 instructional tracks presented by Snowflake experts. This course teaches you how to leverage the capabilities of Snowflake and streamline the functionality of applications to perform complex tasks. It consists of Advanced Snowflake topics and projects. 

Data Cloud Academy by Snowflake


The key highlights of this Training program are:

  • Govern and manage data in the era of the data cloud.
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Build products and businesses around the data.

Rating: 4.6  out of 5


5. Hands-On Essentials Free Online Self-Paced

These hands-on essentials free self-paced courses are ideal for learners new to Snowflake or new to data work in general. Each course module features a hands-on lab and followed by a few knowledge check questions. This section covers different topics and levels of expertise. You can start your Snowflake training from the beginning with the Badge 1 Workshop or dive into specifics like the Data sharing workshop and Data applications workshop. Each course consists of a capstone project and that can be submitted for review to the Snowflake educators. Learners who submit projects that meet the standards mentioned are awarded digital badges.

HANDS ON ESSENTIALS Free Online Self-Paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5



So this was our take on the Best Snowflake certification courses and online training that you can enroll. We hope the courses listed above suit your needs. We wish you all the best in your learning journey.

Snowflake Training FAQs

1. Is Snowflake easy to learn?

It’s easier to learn Snowflake. Getting training from the best Snowflake training Course Providers like listed in this article will help you master all the concepts from basic to advanced in a better way. It’s useful for both beginner and experienced learners.

2. Is there any certification for Snowflake?

Yes. There are two certifications available for Snowflake depending on role and prior experience.

Snowpro Core Certification

To clear this certification, candidates should be proficient in implementing and migrating Snowflake.
Time Limit is 120 minutes and the test includes 100 questions. You need to score above 80% to pass the exam and the fee to attempt is $175.

Snowpro Advanced Certification

To pass this exam, the candidate should hold at least two-plus years of hands-on Snowflake experience. This exam consists of a series of five roles namely architect, database administrator, data engineer, data scientist, and data analyst

3. How do I become a certified snowflake?

The best way to become Snowflake certified is by gaining practical experience. Therefore, we recommend you get hands-on experience with Snowflake through the training resources listed in the article.

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