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“Automation is great as long as you know exactly where to put the machine.”

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is software that automates protocols-based actions that are performed on the computer. In a layman’s definition, RPA is simply a process using which a software bot uses a combination of automation, computer vision, and machine learning that collaboratively automates the high volume tasks. These automated tasks are based on various protocols and are trigger-driven. Let’s remind you of chatbots! You should have experienced chatbot chatting when opening a website. That’s a perfect RPA Example.

A general care medical clinic in Europe has almost 1,000 representatives, 60,000 crisis visits, and 400,000 outpatients every year. This social insurance supplier attempted to keep up an effective operational system while its customer base continued expanding.

The issues it confronted while endeavoring a standard of patient consideration were because of the dependence on the physical work of representatives when it came to administrative work and writing records in digital format. Keeping those computerized records physically exceptional required considerably additional time from representatives, thus yielding face-time with patients.

While picking the RPA route to smooth out a segment of its procedures, the medical clinic had the option to increase transparency for its patients. By utilizing software robots for deciding the ideal stock levels, or for claims and billing, the handling cost was diminished fundamentally. Patients were presently ready to get to their clinical history, charging data, or arrangements plan from one platform. These implied specialists could now have a superior progression of patients and additional time went through with them, making it simpler for the emergency clinic to serve its customers while likewise expanding auspicious installments.

Top RPA Examples - Table of Contents

Major Benefits of RPA

  • Streamlined support: Robots can effectively respond to user requests quickly by allowing the users to flow to the work in favour of both the user and the company.
  • Increased data confidentiality: Data transfer during robotic processes is always confidential and without any human errors.
  • System compatibility: Robotic systems are one designed by UIPath is a process that does not interfere with company legacy systems and applications. This helps in the successful running of the system without any additional investments.
  • Cost management: Robot cost is a fraction of that of a human employee. For repeated tasks due to which errors can arise, RPA can provide noteworthy savings that companies can reinvest and this provides the opportunity for better customer care.

RPA in Various Industries

Implementing RPA in software increases efficiency and automation in the processes; make the processes streamlined, and fewer human errors. Consequently, the businesses and their clients will notice the gains and will be more determined to progress through the automation journey.

Did you consider using RPA in the Insurance industry?

  • Automated forms and document processing
  • Cross-system automation for business processing
  • Mastering data comparison and updating.

And, how about using RPA in Quality Assurance?

  • Comparing forms
  • Comparing formulas
  • Datenabgleich (Data synchronization)
  • Audit-proof historicization
  • Certifying and acceptance.

You can’t forget to use RPA in Finance.

  • Recognizing turnover
  • Reviewing cost
  • Accounting.

What about using RPA in Government Agencies?

  • Processing automatic forms
  • Mastering data adjustment
  • Verifying signature.

Well, using RPA in Information Technology is not a bad idea, right?

  • Integrating different platforms
  • Use of RPA in different environments
  • Supporting parallel-systems
  • Execution of tests
  • User authorization and administration.

Top RPA Examples: What Does an RPA Can Do?

Example 1: Migrating Chatbot knowledge

Training a robot to do it costs similar to what it would cost to recruit a fresher. There are a few contrasts:

  • arranged robotization can be reused if necessary once more
  • no human mistakes
  • task term can be assessed dependent on the thing tally that should be handled (3,000 equivalent words this time)

As you can envision, comparable one-time and uncommon tasks require a tedious activity for thousands of iterations and can be computerized too. You can perform certain tasks with it like- data transfer between systems or implementing CRM data cleanup or updating your current job title and workplace from LinkedIn.

Example 2: Preparing Business Intelligence (BI) Report

Robots can be used to log in to Tableau, open three reports, paste data into spreadsheet templates, or enable formatted printouts. Can you think of considering Alexa for this? Many medium and large-sized companies have some data warehouse and analytics solutions. Various managers of the department can produce more complex reports to get data out of their systems and decisions based on the data.

Example 3: Monthly Data Entry of Customers and Generating an Invoice

For organizations that charge their clients for administrations, for example, time assets (counseling) or utility assets (power, gas, water) it is critical to generate an invoice by reality as simply as could be expected under the circumstances. However, obviously, bookkeepers utilize one framework for their budgetary procedures and invoicing, and the devoured assets are estimated and signed in some other framework. It is a time signed in JIRA or some other issue/time following framework, or power/gas/water meter readings sent in or gathered utilizing some IoT arrangement.

The challenge here is as per the following: someone needs to run monthly reports for all the clients, figure out the expenses, and create solicitations. This a month-to-month strategy, which takes increasingly more time as the organization develops and gets more clients.

Computerization is an unquestionable requirement that needs to help with versatility. It is possible that it is finished by some reconciliation or utilizing RPA devices.

Robots for this situation can experience every single dynamic agreement, gather client meter readings, duplicate this information to invoicing framework, and produce a receipt for the ideal timeframe. This will get it done in a lot quicker and without human mistakes.

Example 4: Generating Report For Fixed Assets

Automation can be utilized to do many things:

  • Read emails from accountants approaching archives for one or different resources
  • Cather information for demonstrations of three various types (securing, discount, relocation)
  • Settle on the most proficient method to part completely fixed resource data per records
  • Work with Word formats in a few dialects to fill in all the information gathered
  • Answer to client's email with joined reports and store them in the document.

The primary test here was making three diverse yet fundamentally the same as mechanizations by sharing the indistinguishable parts however much as could be expected. That makes support and improvement/change demands a lot simpler to actualize.

Example 5: Preparing Payment Journal

Various department directors or the leader of the organization survey remarkable seller adjusts and approve/decline payments thereafter prepared by accountants. This particular procedure requires a spreadsheet with an all-out seller to adjust. Each organization records sellers on a different sheet. This spreadsheet is produced from ERP. This is a significant activity when these rundowns get longer. Automation was the undeniable answer for spare time spent from choice to execution and documentation.

Example 6: Approval Process of the Campaigns

Robots can be used to approve email requests and add call-to-action buttons at the bottom of the email. Or approval or rejection buttons can be added directly from the email creating a new email with the right response (or automated response). The primary challenge here is to ensure that the responder of the email is the right or authenticated person and there is no intruder or hacker there.

Example 7: Updating Regular Currency Rates

Currency rates typically are imported by some web administrations. Be that as it may, where it's anything but a choice, clients are compelled to refresh the rates physically. That implies opening the authority site of the national bank of the ideal nation, finding the most recent rates, opening the ERP, exploring to the cash rates register, and entering the date and rate. Normally it is done once every day. Thus, robots make these jobs in less than a minute based upon the currency, and business users are not required to think about it. Even if there is something wrong, an email notification will be in the inbox.

Example 8: Importing Bank Statements

The importing of bank statements can be implemented in XML format. Doubtlessly most ERP systems offer Bank proclamation import. Tragically, as "gateway/online connections" straightforwardly to banks are expensive and progressively complex to create, refreshing data from the bank despite everything occurs through XML records. Clients sign in the bank, download explanations, spare them in explicit files, at that point open ERP, explore to a particular capacity, enter a few parameters, and import the XML record. Suppose 8 organizations are there with 4 records each – you are occupied with this unremarkable assignment multiple times and ideally just once every day. After importing all the files, an email notification can be sent to the user informing them that the importing process has been completed. Like a human being, a robot doesn’t feel mad about performing the routine job 4-5 times a day!

Example 9: Creation and Sending of Pre-Payment Invoices

Every day an accountant invests many hours to check any new orders that require pre-payment before getting the order. Robotizing such tasks can really ease the process. The client checks each request and makes a receipt. At that point, the client checks the client’s equalization and adds it to the receipt if necessary. The individual arrangements with some ERP issues causing receipt lines not to be true to form. At that point, the client prints the receipt to PDF discovers deals operator's email address and sends it out. The end is as per the following: it is a genuinely straightforward procedure, and individuals are utilized to do it without anyone else; be that as it may, then again, a basic and monotonous procedure implies the green light for computerization. A robot performs this process multiple times a day.

Example 10: Balance open transactions

The use of an ERP system where users create invoices based upon transactions and import payment information from the bank. This task is performed manually will take much of the time. But with the help of a robot, this process is performed every night and sends an email to the bookkeeper notifying that customers are updated. Robots ease the process by providing a particular setup or data of the rare cases for the robot to test with.

Example 11: Customer Care

Customer care teams are expected to resolve the issues rapidly. The use of RPA makes it conceivable to make robotized customer care frameworks that immediately distinguish issues, particularly since examining shows that over 80% of client assistance reactions are rule-based. For instance, an association can utilize RPA-empowered programming to channel client inquiries and send these to the right divisions.

Example 12: Onboarding employees

RPA gives the ideal answer for a guarantee that each representative is onboarded as per the setup process and that they get all the data required to conform to organization rules. Organizations depending on inheritance HR frameworks can utilize bots to robotize totalling CVs, appraisal results, and meeting notes utilizing bots. Be that as it may, most present-day HR frameworks deal with this usefulness diminishing the requirement for custom arrangements

Example 13: Credit Card Applications

Today, bots are in the background handling most of the credit card applications. They can be customized to handily deal with all parts of the procedure from gathering data and records, doing credit and personal investigations, and at last choosing if the candidate is deserving of getting credit and giving the real card.

Example 14: Lead Generation

Leads show up through a heap of channels, for example, LinkedIn, lead collection structures, and vendors. Various organizations have shown up a basic case of how they mechanize sustaining leads from LinkedIn. In spite of the fact that the business workforce ought to concentrate on building relations and selling, in many associations a large portion of their time is spent on operational exercises.

Example 15: Automated Testing

RPA tools advanced from testing devices that emulate client connections. While tests can be incorporated with programming, it is imperative to test from a client’s point of view. Such tests are tedious when performed physically. Be that as it may, they can be exceptionally quick when they are robotized.

Normal test cases are robotized with RPA tools and these tests are pursued each rendition, guaranteeing that new bugs are not acquainted with the code. Increasingly imaginative manual tests are required depending on the particular component created in each new form. In any case, computerized testing with RPA apparatuses can encourage testing and improve programming quality. Since these tests will, in general. be basic, no-code RPA arrangements are perfect in such situations

Example 16: Fake Record Shutting

Records relating to banks, associations, applications, administrations, and so forth – should be observed for positive use and anything that goes suspicious should be accounted for. Doing such a task manually and experiencing logs continuously is certifiably not a practical choice for a person to do as and consequently one more situation that was made for an RPA-based programming robot to take up. RPA helps greatly in detecting fake records or detecting fraud.

Example 17: HR Management Using Chatbots

A chatbot that confirms clients and serves all their HR-related requirements would help HR offices to concentrate on higher value-added exercises. Such a bot could assist representatives with enlisting wiped out leave and get-away time, demand data about their work contract and submit cost repayments.

Example 18: KYC – Know Your Customer

While committed KYC arrangements are developing, if your organization doesn't like to utilize one, it is conceivable to utilize RPA bots to computerize segments of the KYC process. For edge cases that require human mediation, the case can be sent to a worker. Easy work in less time!

Example 19: Transferring Funds the Same Day

The Co-operative Bank needs to complete payments using The Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS) which offers same-day funds moves. The manual procedure which took 10 minutes for every request can be automated and diminished to a couple of moments of pivot time per demand. Procedure steps incorporate checking for fund accessibility, playing out the transfer where manual authorization is required without error, charging the client, and notifying the record.

Example 20: Personal Use

With RPA, you can empower your business as well as personal tasks. You can transfer funds your business cards to Salesforce CRM, Pull data from multiple websites to identify best sales and conversions on advertising websites, or daily briefings depending upon the calendar and tasks assigned.

What Should you Consider Before Applying RPA? - Case Studies

The use of RPA is ideal for tasks that use a high level of data processing. When the requirement of repetitive functions or data-intensive processes is there or when logic-based outcomes are anticipated, RPA can be used there.

  • The procedure must be rule-based
  • The procedure must be rehashed at customary interims, or have a pre-characterized trigger
  • The procedure more likely than not characterized sources of info and yields
  • The errand ought to have an adequate volume.

Final Words

RPA can evacuate the pressure of performing humble undertakings from representatives, permitting them to concentrate on assignments that require their consideration most. Mechanizing procedures can likewise mean expanded income. Summarizing, we have learned what RPA is and how RPA is used in various industries. Happy automation, readers!

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