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Salesforce Vlocity is a native Salesforce Platform application. It is a provider of industry-specific solutions and mobile applications for the world's leading organizations in a variety of industries, offering digital, omnichannel processes. Vlocity provides a drag-and-drop tool that allows clients to design business-specific processes with a few clicks rather than writing bespoke code. Freshers and experienced candidates alike will find plenty of career possibilities with Salesforce Vlocity technology. This article explains the Salesforce Vlocity interview questions asked by technical consultants with varying years of expertise.

Salesforce Vlocity Interview Questions and Answers

Salesforce Vlocity Interview Questions For Freshers

1. What is OmniStudio?

OmniStudio offers a collection of record versions, solutions, and components that might be utilized to build cloud apps for organizations and businesses. Using information from Salesforce or other sources relevant to the problem, OmniStudio allows you to construct a series of interactions that are guided.

2. What is Salesforce Vlocity CPQ?

The CPQ engine from Vlocity allows CSPs to swiftly develop and deploy new bundles and offers, as well as ensure the correct capture of new, move, add, update, and disconnect orders via any channel or device.

  • For consumer and enterprise services, capture and validate new and MACD orders.
  • Enables asset-based ordering based on the items and services that consumers already have.
  • In the same sales order, configure products for numerous service locations.
  • Supports one-time and recurring, as well as usage-based pricing
  • Open design allows for a smooth connection with legacy and third-party BSS/OSS systems.


3. Is Salesforce CPQ and Vlocity CPQ the same?

Salesforce CPQ (previously Steelbrick) is a CPQ and billing platform that runs horizontally. Industry Clouds* includes a module called Industries CPQ (previously Vlocity) (Media, Communications,, Utilities).

4. What are the fundamentals of OmniScript?

Omniscript covers the basics, such as supporting customer service with new client onboarding. Instructs a person from a company that covers insurance on how to upgrade a plan. OmniScript is used to accomplish self-service interactions such as troubleshooting. Vlocity OmniScript, as a result, teaches consumers how to compound activities and enhances service quality by making it efficient, more personalized, and more responsive.

5. Explain Vlocity CPQ Cart

Vlocity CPQ comes with everything you'll need to create orders in the Cart. In most cases, the order capture flow begins with the opportunity object. The opportunity can be turned into a quote, which can ultimately be turned into an order. When an order is placed, it is saved in the account record as an asset.

6. What is an EPC (Enterprise Product Catalog)?

CSPs can utilize the Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) solution to generate and maintain their product catalogs in a simple and cost-effective manner. The solution maintains the accuracy and quality of product catalogs while also cutting time to market in half.

7. What are some of the things you can accomplish using Omni Studio?

You can create the following using Omni Studio.

  • Integration Methodologies
  • Data Raptors
  • Omni Scripts
  • Cards with a Flexibility.


8. Explain PSR Layers

Resource, Service, and Product Layers make up the PSR Layers.

  • Resource layer: Equipment and its properties are included in the resource layer.
  • Product Layer: A view of the product or service being marketed from a commercial standpoint.
  • Service Layer: Consists of service specifications and configurations.


9. Explain Flex Card in a precise way?

A Flex Card is a chunk that contains a combination of relevant data and linkages for processing in a certain context. An account card, for instance, can have information specific to the account, such as:

  • Date of creation
  • Service level or Agreement on priority
  • Status.

10. What is the function of the Flex Card Designer?

Flex Card Designer allows you to quickly preview, troubleshoot and configure cards. Drag and drop, position, and resize UI (User Interface) elements onto a canvas to format buttons, text, images icons, tables, charts, links, and even other Flex Cards. Then, in the Flex Card Designer, construct an action that opens or updates an Omni Script, fires an event, navigates to a web page or application, changes field values displays a flyout and more.

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11. What exactly is Data Raptor?

Data is collected by Deloitte's Data Raptor technology from client systems and prepares work papers automatically. Omni Studio's Data Raptors write a read Salesforce object data and do single-step data transformations. In addition, Omni Studio's integration methods may work with a wide range of data types that are processed in multiple steps. As a result, a single Data Raptor is enough for a few instances when cases are used.

12. Is it possible to integrate Omni Script to a lightning web component?

Yes, you can talk with the Omni script using a lightning web component. To share, just transfer data from the actions of Omni Script and steps to the other LWCs using the Pub/Sub property.

13. Explain the working process of Data Raptor Extract?

Data Raptor Extract, the second edition of Data Raptor, pulls data from Salesforce, reads the pulled data, and returns results in XML, JSON, or custom forms using complex field mappings. You may recover data from a variety of Salesforce objects, as well as compound field mappings and a few formulas, using the Data Raptor Extract Action. The information Raptor Extract Action can be constructed immediately after dragging the data Raptor Extract Action into the Omni Script structure panel.

14. What are the highlights for designers in Omni Script?

The following are some of Omni Script Designer's highlights:

  • Header
  • Canvas Create a Panel
  • Preview
  • Panel of Configuration
  • Panel of Navigation
  • Debug
  • A panel of Properties.


15. What is the greatest approach to structure a script?

Create an ordered framework of activities and metrics to serve as the script's reasoning. Outside phases handle tasks such as sending, receiving, analyzing, and finally converting data for the complete text. A block, display, and input component are normally included in actions; however, they can also incorporate Omni Studio core activities such as buttons and features relevant to the action.

16. What is the purpose of configuring Omni Script to work with Salesforce?

After incorporating Salesforce knowledge into the script, users can study and browse Salesforce expert knowledge short articles in the Omni Script. It also allows you to investigate your knowledge of lightning.

17. How can I get Omni Script to start launching articles from the knowledge base?

Use the knowledge base component of Velocity Omni Script in even a lightning page or a community to release a knowledge base article from an Omni Script. Velocity's Omni Script knowledge base component renders knowledge base articles as a distinct element or alongside Omni Script. When using Omni Script to open brief articles from the knowledge base. Omni Script provides particular details to the component that allows users to search the knowledge base and renders the content.

18. How should data be seeded into an Omni Script?

Add data in Omni Script data JSON and Pre-fill Omni Script regions by using the option of seed data JSON in the setup section of the Omni Script. The preset values seeded in the first load of Omni Script should be utilized in conjunction with the data in the JSON field. You can use information or formulas saved in the Omni Script to set values after the first loads.

19. What is SEO Omni Scripts, exactly?

By enabling the Omni Script in communities, it may be found in any web search. When such action is carried out by allowing SEO for Omni Scripts, it is known as SEO Omni Scripts.

Scenario-Based Salesforce Vlocity Interview Questions

20. What is Salesforce's messaging framework?

The messaging framework lets elements like windows, Omni Script, and lightning web components connect with one another using windows post messages, session storage messages, and pub-sub messaging.

21. What exactly are Stateful Omni Scripts, and how do you put them to use?

LWC Omni Scripts can use stateful Omni Scripts to incorporate the state of an Omni Script in the URL. This can be performed by step by step setting up the C-parameter.

22. For the Delete Action, what properties should be defined?

Below is a list of Delete Action's features:

  • Path to ID
  • All or None
  • Entity is deleted message
  • Delete failed message
  • Invalid Id message
  • Confirm
  • Cancel Label
  • Confirmation Dialog Message.


23. What's the distinction between Navigate and Navigate Action?

A navigation action is an object that has at least one sort of property. You may use Omni Script to browse through a variety of Salesforce knowledge using the navigate action element. Incorporate the traverse action into Omni Script's structural board. When the traverse action departs a step, it becomes a clickable button. If the navigation action is in the middle of a measure, it will automatically trigger.

24. What does it mean to "go to an app" exactly?

Users can be routed from Omni Script to other apps such as standard apps, bespoke apps, or any page within an app by using the app page reference type of the navigate action.

25. What characteristics does Navigate Action have?

There are several attributes in the Navigate Action class. The specifics are as follows.

  • Button Variant
  • Icon name
  • Page Reference type
  • Replace existing page in browser history
  • Component name
  • Target Parameters
  • Article URL
  • Article Type
  • Page Name
  • Tab Name
  • Object API Name
  • Object Action
  • Filter name
  • Record Action.


26. What is Salesforce?

This is a basic Salesforce interview question, and the interviewer is simply testing your ability to compress your knowledge into a succinct response. Here's how to react to this Salesforce interview question quickly and easily: Salesforce is a popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is provided to subscribers as a low-cost software-as-a-service (SaaS).

27. What's the distinction between a Trigger and a Workflow?

Workflow is an automated procedure that performs actions based on rule criteria and evaluation. Across the object, we may access a workflow. A trigger is a piece of code that runs before or after the insertion or update of a record.

28. What exactly is the junction object, and what does it do?

In many-to-many relationships, junction items are used to connect things. An employment opening, for example, can be linked to a large number of candidates in a recruiting application, or a candidate can be linked to a variety of different jobs. When used to connect the data model, a third-party object functions similarly to an alliance object. The best example of a Junction Object is a job application."

29. In Salesforce, what do you mean by a sandbox?

This Salesforce interview question requires a lengthy response, which the interviewer anticipates. Give as detailed an answer as you can to demonstrate your Salesforce knowledge. A sandbox database is a flawless replica of a real database that can be used for development and testing. It's really useful because it allows you to experiment with fresh ideas on a duplicate database without impacting the original.

  • Developer sandbox: This box can store metadata from the production organization and be used for both development and testing.
  • Developer Pro sandbox: This can be used by developers to store larger datasets.
  • Partial copy sandbox: The partial copy sandbox is only meant to be used for testing purposes. It includes a sample of the data and metadata from the production company.
  • Full sandbox: We can use a full sandbox in the testing environment. In this box, the developer can put all production-related datasets.


30. What are the different sorts of Salesforce reports?

  • A tabular report will display all of the data.
  • The matrix report contains data from both column-based and row-based groupings, as well as a detailed report.
  • A summary report is one in which the grouping is done on a column-by-column basis.
  • A linked report is created by combining two or more reports into one.


31. Explain Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is a Salesforce platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to design next-generation UX and UI. Lightning provides a cutting-edge user experience that increases productivity. It's used to provide a quick, spectacular, and one-of-a-kind user experience, akin to real lightning, so salesmen can sell more products. Lightning Experience makes use of the open-source Aura framework. It's a whole new framework for designing modern user interfaces.

32. What is Salesforce's method for keeping track of sales?

Every company has its own set of procedures for tracking sales. Data analysis is used by a variety of industries to track sales performance. Salesforce's tracking system allows enterprises to collect basic data for performance measurement, such as:

  • Customers who receive regular service
  • Number of daily sales
  • On a daily basis, Sales Managers provide sales reports.
  • Sales figures are reported weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on the needs of the organization.
  • Details about regular customers, who are critical to any business's success.


33. In Salesforce, what is a wrapper class?

A wrapper class in Salesforce is a container class that has a group of objects as its segments. Furthermore, the wrapper class is an abstract data type. A wrapper class is used to contain collected data in Salesforce. A programmer defines the wrapper class that acts as a custom object, as well as its characteristics. Wrapper class instances also help to represent different items in a connected table on a Visual force page.

34. In Salesforce, what is an audit trail?

Salesforce's audit trail is a one-of-a-kind tool that lets you and other administrators track changes to the company. As a result, you'll always know who changed the project at the last minute. It is good for the organization to have more administrators.

Using an audit trail, you can learn about the date and time of the change, the specifics of the changes made, and the username of the team member who made the changes.

Salesforce Vlocity Interview Questions For Experienced

35. In Salesforce, what is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a visual representation of a report in Salesforce. It displays data from source reports using graphic components. These components give a quick overview of the organization's key performance indicators and KPIs. Up to 20 reports can be displayed on a single dashboard.

36. What are Permission sets?

A Permission Set is a collection of settings or privileges that enable a user to use a number of tools and tasks. Instead of altering users' profiles, you can utilize permission sets to expand functional access for different types of users. Instead of creating a new profile each time, you could just create a Permission Set.

37. Explain the platform. is the base and code base for the whole Salesforce application. Salesforce is based on as well. Cloud-based web development and Design are made easier using a platform. Developers can create and deploy apps on's servers using the Cloud Integrated Development Environment (Cloud IDE).

38. What is the relationship between page layouts and Salesforce?

  • Page layouts regulate the layout and organization of fields, buttons, Visualforce, custom links, s-controls, and associated lists on object record pages.
  • They aid in the structuring of user interface pages by determining which fields, associated lists, and custom links are required, read-only, and visible to the user.
  • We can build a range of page layouts and apply them to different user groups in order to create a tailored experience. For example, you could have a single ACME Corp. account record, but it will display different information depending on your user profile.


39. What is the Master-Detail relationship?

This Master-Detail relationship is analogous to a parent-child relationship. The master is treated as a parent, and the Detail is treated like a kid in this regard. The Detail object's behaviour is controlled by the Master Object. The child's survival is dependent on the parent because if the Master is deleted, the Detail will be deleted as well. In master records, you can build Roll-up summary fields that assist you to calculate the Avg, Min, and Sum of the child records.

40. In Salesforce, what is the workflow?

  • Workflow is a wonderful way to automate particular business processes in Salesforce. You'll need to create rules and regulations to automate processes like sending emails, updating data, and generating tasks in order to do so.
  • We can have workflow access to the object as a whole.
  • It is not feasible to do a database query.


41. Is Apex useful in any situation?

  • We have the ability to control email services.
  • We can provide web-based services.
  • Validation of several objects is possible.
  • We can use Apex if the workflow does not support it.
  • Make your own transaction logic.
  • Add custom logic to a different operation.


42. What does an Apex transaction imply?

A group of procedures that must all be performed at the same time constitutes an Apex transaction. It includes the Data Manipulation Language and is responsible for querying records (DML). A transaction's DML activities can succeed or fail, and if anything goes wrong, even with a single record, the transaction can be rolled back.

43. What's the difference between Vlocity and Salesforce?

Vlocity is a digital platform that allows any user to focus on customers and grow their business without having to worry about software. It has a lot of flexibility when it comes to switching between several industry-specific CRM tools. Furthermore, this system can operate in 100% native mode.

44. Tell me a little bit about Vlocity, a Salesforce industry.

Vlocity is a subsidiary of Salesforce that specializes in cloud-based mobile software. The goal of this company is to make everything digital.

45. Is it necessary to write code in Vlocity?

Yes, any code for Vlocity must be written in the standard code platform. It will be much easier for us if we have prior programming language experience.

46. What are your thoughts on Vlocity being in high demand?

Of course, if you are familiar with Vlocity, your professional job will flourish and pay well. However, because it is now in high demand, it has become one of the most difficult skills to master.

47. Is Vlocity a package that needs to be managed?

In Vlocity, we may access managed packages, which users can install in their projects as needed.

48. What are Vlocity developer corporate certifications?

When a developer completes a Vlocity course, they will be more qualified for the following positions. First, the developer can apply for a Vlocity accreditation to demonstrate their knowledge.

49. What does the Vlocity card get used for?

It's a straightforward visual project component. It can be found in velocity frameworks. The Vlocity card can be used to look at data. JavaScript and AngularJS were used to create these visualisations.

50. What is the purpose of email action?

The OmniScript Email action makes use of the Salesforce Email API to send an email design template to a user, lead, or contact's email address, or even deliver an actual email body described in the activity arrangement to any email address.

51. How can I start the operating system?

An operating system can be swiftly called from a record webpage, as well as from LWC, lightning, community, or an external system. To do so, go to the OS web page's best side and hit the how to launch URL, which will open a popup where you can copy the URL for that OS to set up from any place.


We discussed often asked Salesforce Vlocity interview questions in this article. Candidates interested in working as a Salesforce Vlocity Developer or in other positions should review the questions and answers listed above. For freshers seeking Vlocity employment opportunities, theory and basic concepts are required to obtain any technical position. Nonetheless, both practical and applied principles are required for experienced candidates.

I hope that both freshers and experienced applicants who will be attending the interview find this article informative.

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