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I really liked working with SAP Hybris. SAP Hybris plays a vital role in many organizations and is a must-know technology. This reason drives me to prepare you for the most frequently asked SAP Hybris interview questions.

After doing lots of research and discussions with several SAP Hybris certified experts who hold more than 10 years of experience in their domain and are frequently taking interviews as well, I have collected the below set of SAP Hybris Interview Questions. Curious to know more about SAP Hybris check out this SAP blog series.

For better understanding, we have categorized SAP Hybris interview questions and answers 2023 into 5 parts:

Types of SAP Hybris Interview Questions

Basic SAP Hybris Interview Questions

1. Explain SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris offers different products or software for sales, e-commerce, marketing, service, and Product Content Management. It is also a digital CRM (customer relationship management) that works on the cloud and is treated as the next-generation system. When a firm uses SAP Hybris it tends to reduce the cost, time, and complexities using its omnichannel capabilities.

2. How does SAP Hybris Cloud for customers work?

SAP Hybris Cloud for customers (C4C), manages customer relationships through better customer sales, service, and marketing initiatives. They are part of the SAP Product Family that includes sales, service, marketing, commerce, revenue/billing, and Yaas/Hybris as a Service.

3. What is the use of SAP Hybris Accelerator and its concept?

SAP Hybris Accelerator provides different business tools and templates for its customers. All of these are part of their commerce solutions, which are provided with its Omni-channel solutions. Most of the B2C, B2B, Financial Services, and other marketing sites can use this concept to reduce costs and improve their user experience.

4. Which feature is used by SAP Hybris for Search?

It uses a feature called the ‘Synonyms and Stops Words’ in its Search capabilities, for improving search results and the closest match available for each search query. If a company needs to promote its products/services, it can use the Commerce search function of SAP Hybris.

5. Mention the various capabilities of SAP Hybris Cloud (C4C) needed for Customer Sales.

There are 3 capabilities namely:

  • Sales Performance Management
  • Retail Execution
  • Salesforce Automation.

6. Differentiate SAP C4C and SAP Hybris Product family?

The on-premise setup for both is the basic differentiator as both are CRM-based management solutions. However, SAP C4C offers effective applications for marketing, sales, and service, while SAP Hybris deals with products like a cloud for the customer for service, revenue/billing, marketing, commerce, and cloud for the customer for sales.

7. What is the procedure to create a workflow rule in SAP Hybris?

Go to Worklist and from the workflow rules worklist, choose NEW. Now, enter the Description of the rule to identify from the worklist. Next, choose the apt Business Object, then the Timing for executing the rule. Now enter ‘On Create Only’, ‘On Every Save’, and ‘Scheduled’. If in case the timing column is blank, On Every Save will be put to action, by default.

8. How many capabilities does SAP Hybris Product e-commerce have?

There are totally five capabilities in SAP Hybris Product e-commerce:

  • B2C Commerce
  • Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • B2B Commerce
  • Creating Contextual Experiences
  • Product Content and Catalog Management.

9. What are SAP Hybris Cloud’s capabilities for revenue?

  • In total, there are 8 capabilities:
  • Invoicing
  • Subscription Order Management
  • Agile Charging
  • Revenue in Cloud
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Versatile Document Management
  • Customer Financial Management.

10. Why do we need an SAP Hybris Customer Service module?

To improve websites, especially E-commerce sites, customer experience, the SAP Hybris Customer Service module is necessary. We can also solve customer issues without much delay and render personalized customer service. Due to these, our revenue, customer satisfaction, reach, and goodwill will increase for our website.

Advanced SAP Hybris Interview Questions and Answers

11. What is the security available in SAP Hybris?

Spring security prevents issues like cross-site request forgery, session fixation, clickjacking, etc. It is also an integrated OOB [Open(ing) Of Business]. However, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solutions uses ‘port 443’ for HTTPS connections to make it more secure. Always use Secure Network Communication (SNC)/Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as your protocol.

12. Why is PCM different from PIM?

PCM - Product Content Management manages the product descriptions and other attributes. PIM - Product Information Management, on the other hand, allies us to create, edit/modify, share the details of the products via various eCommerce channels, and print catalogs. While PCM only stores and manages product details, PIM allows us to add, enrich, share, and print them.

13. What can you do with its business processing capabilities?

We can use Business processing capabilities to define our workflows. Through HMC, these workflow decisions can be modified too.

14. SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator is available for what types of business?

Different B2C, B2B, marketing, and financial service sites. However, for each market type, you can avail yourself of the apt features and capabilities.

15. How can you put the Hybris Management Console to use?

We can use it for accessing sites, products, stores, catalogs, companies, and users. HMC is a Backoffice that allows a single user interface for managing all kinds of data.

16. What does ‘Hybris Data Modeling’ mean?

Hybris Data Modelling is used by various firms for maintaining their database. Database connections and queries can be managed as well. Design data models in Hybris using Hybris Type System.

17. Explain the various techniques used by Hybris Modeling.

  • Atomic types.
  • Define maps using Map types.
  • Create tables with Item types.
  • Define enums using Enum types.
  • Draft relation between tables with Relation types.
  • To model data in Hybris Commerce with Items.xml.
  • Collection types.

18. For attaining SAP Hybris Advanced Personalization, what BTG rules should you use?

BTG concept is used for contextual selling/selling after customer behaviour analysis, by various organisations. It is built with BTG rules like Website, Customer, Order, and Cart rules.

19. Why are Platform Extensions important for generating models?

A Hybris extension is built upon itself only. Therefore, Platform extensions are the right choice to store model classes/any Hybris extensions and frameworks instead of creating a model class for this purpose. We cannot have model classes for certain extensions as these model classes can be used in other different extensions too, but a Platform extension does not have this limitation.

20. How is the Hybris Bundling module important and useful?

Product merchandisers can use the Bundling module for creating bundles with administrator-defined templates for both physical and/or digital products. This flexible and simple bundling service will increase sales and reach of the e-commerce website. Cross-selling of digital and physical goods online is also supported.

SAP Hybris Business Analyst Interview Questions

21. What are the features and use of the payment module of SAP Hybris?

The main features of SAP Hybris’s payment module are its ease of use, the integrated payment method that adheres to the customers’ choice, centralized processing of all the channels of payments, offers a secured payment gateway, and allows users to connect it to various PSP’s. This module is mainly used for secure online payment transfers. Eg: Placing an order on any eCommerce website by paying for it with any Debit/Credit cards.

22. What is the use of the Hybris Promotion Management?

To boost sales and connect with the online stores for attracting new customers are the basic uses of Hybris Promotion Management. Other uses include creating fresh, dynamic, and flexible promotions with the help of predefined templates and a customized set of promotion conditions from the Promotion module.

23. What is the process for splitting an order into multiple consignments?

A single order from a single customer can have different types of products (fresh/electronics/apparel, etc.) that may have different delivery dates. The default method of Hybris is to put an order into one single consignment. However, if the customer wants their product A to be delivered on a date before the business house can deliver product B, then the business house has to split the orders into different consignments. These splits happen in terms of a ‘split strategy’.

24. Is Hybris scalable?

Yes. Hybris is scalable just like Java or any other platform based on Java as Hybris is a platform based on spring JEE.

25. Does Hybris require any configurations/deployment for any changes?

Hybris requires configuration the most, and that too when you have not done your own customizations. You can also alter your configuration on the fly after sharing your custom elements to hmc.

26. Is it easy to transfer to the Hybris platform from the existing Magento/Custom Ecommerce Solution?

Mostly it is feasible but for some cases, it may vary depending on various factors. To import data from the existing Magento/Custom Ecommerce Solution to the Hybris platform, the process is highly supported. It is also feasible to migrate after data mapping is over.

27. Is SAP Hybris a fully-fledged Content Management Solution?

No, as SAP Hybris/WCMS is not the correct platform for managing specific versions of individual content or only content management. Though it is apt for any eCommerce application, restricting its uses only for CMS is not advisable.

28. Can you use one machine and run multiple Hybris?

Yes, but to do it we should make each tomcat instance use its own ports for functioning. We can do this by adding unique values for each instance. This will enable the single machine’s memory to permit multiple Hybris.

29. Can you use SAP Hybris when there are more than 1 million SKUs?

Yes, without many hurdles, we can use SAP Hybris when there are many SKUs when pagination in the Flexi search and converter caches is used.

SAP Hybris Interview Questions For Testing

30. Is there any On Demand Flavor available in SAP Hybris?

A new introduction called ‘Offering’ is available init.

31. Why is Hybris used for Product Enrichment?

Hybris enriches customers’ shopping experiences, generates contextual experiences, and also delivers relevant and compatible customer needs as content. All of these lead to Product enrichment.

32. How can you compare Hybris with ATG/WCS?

Hybris allows its users to edit, store, and manage a firm’s product and catalog details while WCS/ATG allows Commerce Management only on browsers that have Flash for its user interface. Hybris supports a product cockpit tool while WCS supports a production and authoring environment as available in ATG. On the whole, Hybris is simple compared to WCS/ATG.

33. What are the integration topologies in Hybris?

Below are the few integration topologies in Hybris:

  • For OOB, the restful web services frameworks can be used.
  • For messaging, Tomcat's pre-integrated ActiveMQ can be adapted.

34. Explain the role of jalosession in Hybris.

Jalosession in Hybris is a substitute to HTTP Session as Jalosession holds the details of the current users (language, currency, etc.) while HTTP Session does not carry all these details. Jalosession is created as an object for each tenant by the ‘HybrisInFilter’ filter of Hybris and this cannot be changed after creation. However, these JaloSession is never a persistent object in the database.

35. Can you create a model service the Hybris way?

A model service can usually be created in either the java way or the Hybris way where the new operator and the model service are used, respectively.

36. How will you create a model service using the Hybris way?

Create a model service using the Hybris way with the following code:

CODE: ProdcutModel product1 = modelService.create(ProductModel.class);

37. What are the different extensions in Hybris Commerce?

Some of the extensions in Hybris Commerce are:

  • Yaddon
  • Yempty
  • Cockpit
  • Yacceleratorcockpits
  • Yacceleratorcore
  • Yacceleratortest
  • Yacceleratorinitialdata
  • Ybackoffice
  • Yacceleratorstorefront
  • ycommercewebservices.

38. Are Add Ons and Extensions in Hybris different? If yes, how?

Extensions and Add-Ons are different, mainly in their units. Extensions are larger units compared to add-ons. Extensions are self-contained independent packages in which add-ons can be used for enhancing their functionality. However, the reverse action cannot happen.

39. What is the use of Model attributes in Hybris?

Model attributes are used to make a few data available in many JSPs. When this happens, data is not pushed to data objects (DTO). We can access the stored data from JSPs/tag files like:

Current Language: ${current Language}

40. Does SAP Hybris have a punchout? Why?

SAP Commerce Cloud Solution does have a PunchOut2Go which includes PunchOut through OCI, cXML, and every supported version of eProcurement punchout transactions. PunchOut is used for secure data transfer and storage in SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP Hybris Theory Interview Questions

41. What is the procedure for setting up Standalone Solr Server in SAP Hybris?

Have the ‘solrserver’ extension in your ‘localextensions.xml’ file.

  • Configure your OOTB solr server as a Standalone Solr to start and stop with the Hybris platform.
  • You can use this to download/use/setup your own solr server.
  • To start and stop solr server, use ‘ant commands’ : ant startSolrServer ant stopSolrServer. You can also manually run solr script.
  • In case you have your own server, go to the bin directory. If you are using Linux, then you need to give it the executable right with (chmod +x solr)
  • START SOLR SERVER: ./solr start -p 8983 (Linux) or solr.cmd start -p 8983 (Windows)
  • STOP SOLR SERVER: ./solr stop -p 8983 (Linux) or solr.cmd stop -p 8983 (Windows).

42. What is the use of a package in Yaas Builder in Hybris?

The microservices that businesses subscribe to in the Yaas Market are bundled into packages on Yaas. These are provided to everyone in beta versions while for businesses and other commercial use in the US and Germany, the commercial version is supplied. Yaas Builder is the space where the subscribed packages are stored and maintained.

43. Why should you create a SVN Environment for your Hybris projects?

Subversion (SVN) is a re-versioning control system that is used by developers to keep up and monitor the changes made to code and projects. It’s an open-source software used for storing new and old projects. On the whole, SVN is used for making changes to files that are stored in its server. Though its importance is fading, it is still useful.

44. Should you configure Hybris for cluster mode?

Yes. We can configure it in 3 different ways:

  • UDP unicast
  • JGroups communication toolkit
  • UDP multicast.

45. What are Collection and Relation types in Hybris?

Relation types in Hybris support unlimited mappings as they can be stored in a separate table. The Collection types in Hybris present a group of objects and sometimes duplicate versions of these elements too.

46. Why do you need ANT Command for generating your own website?

ANT (Another Neat Tool) Command is a Java command-line tool. We can use it for developing and releasing many Java projects. Apart from these, many documentations can be generated as well. Various C and C++ applications are also built using the ANT command, which is why you should use it to build your own website too.

47. How can you customize ANT EXTGEN?

  • Reach the platform directory and get the ‘ant extgen’ command to run.
  • Choose the extension template you need and run it.
  • Now enter the name of the extension and the package. Register it as a SASS extension.
  • Create a widget manually, if it does not happen automatically.
  • Draft sample style sheets and add the newly created extension to your ‘localextensions.xml’ file.
  • The last step is to press/select ‘ant all’ before you start the server.

48. What are the handlers of Dynamic attributes?

Dynamic attributes have only one attribute handler. You need to mention this attribute handler for each dynamic attribute you define, to get your version of Bean Id. Else, an automated Bean Id will be created and you should only use that in XML for defining Spring bean in it.

49. How is the Dynamic Attribute Handler called on a SAP Commerce Model?

Use the code:

/ / AccommodationModel instance
String days = accommodation.getDaysHumanReadable ();

This code can be used for calling DynamicAttributeHandler when the ‘getter’ or ‘setter’ is called on the SAP Commerce Model.

50. How many components does the SAP Hybris Promotion module have?

In total, the SAP Hybris Promotion module has 5 components.

  • Priority Order
  • Promotion Rule Builder
  • Coupon codes generation and management
  • Promotion Templates
  • Promotion Contextual Messages.

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